Hi, I'm Madelaine.

Thanks for being here!

Nothing is more fulfilling than telling a story, conveying an emotion, sparking a memory or teleporting someone to a place, through a single photograph. Doing this successfully is a feeling I have always chased.

To be able to share with people their happiest moments and highlight the beauty in the world, is the most rewarding job.


"Mads has been an irreplaceable element to our Skate Camp experience. I couldn’t be more proud to provide this testimonial as I hope anyone who has a special moment or project they wish to capture would work with this talented young lady. In under a couple hours Mads brilliantly snaps 24 kids, often in mid air, and within a day or two she’s provided us with over a hundred beautifully rendered images. She’s professional, on time, and a partner I wouldn’t think of working without. Thanks for the memories."

Adrian: Skate Camp Facilitator

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"In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."

(Alfred Stieglitz)