My Story

Growing up in Stratford, Ontario, I was surrounded by creativity. I took an early appreciation for photography, fine arts and music. Toys weren't my thing as a child;

I would rather find crafts, play around with my parents camera, create artwork or spend hours on the piano.

Throughout my childhood and high school, I was a competitive swimmer, competing at a national level. After missing my shot at Olympic trials one year, I hung up the goggles and began to pursue the arts. Although sports have always kept me fuelled; it was time to retire that dream and address my other passions.

After high school, as much as I adored photography, I didn't believe that I could make a career out of it. Therefore, I went on to complete my studies in interior/architectural design. On top of this, I self-taught myself in graphic design, working free-lance jobs all throughout school. After graduating, I decided to make my first road trip across the country to fall in love with the mountains.

Soon after, I made the big move to Revelstoke, BC;

The best decision I've ever made.

I took a bartending job and spent my days snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, playing music, painting etc... Situated in a beautiful, adventurous place, with the happiest people, reignited my spark for photography. I took a couple years to travel. I worked and lived in Australia, travelled in New Zealand and saw 22 more countries to finish off the travel bug (for now).

Since settling back in Canada, I have grown my own media business (photography, film and graphic design) in Ontario, across to BC. I have been documenting weddings, couples, families, sports, businesses, real estate, property rentals, interior design/architecture, etc...

Today I continue to work and grow with this incredible community of clients I have had the pleasure of working with, and look forward to all there is to come.


Mads has been an irreplaceable element to our Skate Camp experience. I couldn’t be more proud to provide this testimonial as I hope anyone who has a special moment or project they wish to capture would work with this talented young lady. In under a couple hours Mads brilliantly snaps 24 kids, some often in mid air, and within a day or two she’s provided us with over a hundred beautifully rendered images. She’s professional, on time, and a partner I wouldn’t think of working without. Thanks for the memories.

Adrian: Skate camp facilitator